May 28, 2024

I recently came across a video on YouTube that has raised significant concerns regarding the compliance of Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits with NASBA guidelines. The video, which can be viewed - , suggests a method for earning CPE credits.

The video explains how users can earn CPE credits by watching YouTube videos and then taking quizzes on the Earmark app. While this method might seem convenient, it has several shortcomings that could undermine the integrity of CPE learning, and does not meet the rigorous standards set by NASBA.

Encouraging Shortcuts

One of the most troubling aspects of the video is the presenter's encouragement to quickly complete quizzes without fully engaging with the material. The presenter explicitly states that earning CPE credits through this method is "easy," which suggests that users might not be required to fully understand or engage with the content to pass the quizzes.

Verification Issues

YouTube, as a platform, does not ensure whether users have watched the entire video. This lack of verification is a critical issue because it means there is no guarantee that participants have engaged with the full course content. To make matters worse, some users have mentioned that they take the quiz without even watching the course, which clearly violates NASBA's standards for CPE.

A Call for Action

Given these concerns, it is imperative that NASBA review this method for earning CPE credits. I strongly urge NASBA to watch the video and evaluate the process described by Earmark. I am confident that upon review, it will be evident that the process does not adhere to NASBA guidelines.

To maintain the integrity of CPE credits, NASBA should take strict action against methods that do not meet their educational standards. This includes banning practices adopted by mobile apps that allow users to bypass the rigorous learning process required for earning legitimate CPE credits.


Any method that undermines the rigor and educational value of CPE should be scrutinized and addressed promptly. I look forward to positive action from NASBA to ensure that all CPE earning methods comply with their high standards.

In conclusion, it is essential to uphold the standards set by NASBA to ensure that all professionals receiving CPE credits have truly engaged with and understood the educational material. The method described in the video clearly falls short of these standards, and action must be taken to prevent such practices from continuing.


CPE Reforms User

As someone studying for my CPA, this is really worrying. I want to ensure that when I earn my CPE credits, they reflect real learning and effort. NASBA needs to step in and set things right.

CPE Reforms User

While the concerns are valid, it's also important to consider the accessibility and convenience that platforms like Earmark offer. Maybe there's a way to improve verification processes without completely banning these methods.

CPE Reforms User

The idea of earning CPE credits through YouTube videos without proper verification is appalling. We need to ensure that our profession maintains high educational standards.

CPE Reforms User

This is concerning. I hope NASBA investigates and enforces stricter guidelines to prevent such practices.

CPE Reforms User

I watched the video and was shocked at how easy it is to bypass actual learning. This is a serious issue that NASBA must address immediately.

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