May 22, 2024

I just had to share this eye-opening experience with you all, especially if you’re looking for CPE credits. You won't believe what happened with a site called 


The Suspicious Offer 


So, I found this webinar on their site that promised a whopping 8 CPE credits. Sounds awesome, right? But here’s where it gets sketchy: there was NO information about the course. Seriously, nothing. I’m talking zero details—no title, no description, no speaker info, nothing. Just a blank page offering 8 credits. 


Naturally, I thought maybe the details would appear after creating an account. Big mistake. After signing up, I still found no course information. Instead, my inbox was flooded with marketing emails from them. 


Why This Matters 


I was super frustrated and felt misled. When it comes to professional development, we need clear and complete information about the courses we're considering. We deserve to make informed choices about our education and career growth. 


Taking Action 


I reached out to NASBA to report this shady practice. It’s crucial for organizations offering CPE credits to provide all the necessary details upfront. This transparency is key to maintaining trust and ensuring professionals get the quality education they need. 


I’m eagerly looking forward to NASBA taking strict action against this kind of misleading behavior. We need to hold these providers accountable. 


Don’t let these misleading tactics waste your time or fill your inbox with spam! 


What are your thoughts on this? Have you had similar experiences? Let’s talk about it in the comments! 


CPE Reforms User

NASBA needs to step up and protect professionals from being misled. I’ve had enough of spammy marketing tactics and blank promises.

CPE Reforms User

Your blog hit the nail on the head. I’m ready to support any initiative that aims to improve the quality and integrity of CPE providers.

CPE Reforms User

This happened to me too, and it’s incredibly frustrating. We need to push NASBA for stricter regulations and better standards.

CPE Reforms User

Thank you for bringing attention to this issue! I fully support your efforts to hold these providers accountable.

CPE Reforms User

Absolutely agree with this! It’s frustrating when you're trying to fulfill CPE credits requirement, only to be met with shady tactics like this. NASBA needs to crack down on these misleading providers ASAP.

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