May 15, 2024

Continuing Education is a vital part of a CPA's professional growth. It helps us stay current with new laws, regulations, and best practices. However, I recently encountered an issue that raises concerns about the quality and relevance of some CE courses available online.

The Issue with Missing Publication Dates

While browsing courses on a popular platform, American CE, I noticed that none of the courses listed the publication dates of their content. This omission is a significant problem. Without knowing when the course material was published or last reviewed, we can't be sure if the information is current or outdated. For a CPA, keeping up with the latest information is essential. Investing time and money in a course only to find out that the material is outdated is not just frustrating—it can also be detrimental to our professional practice.

The Need for Transparency

To address this issue, I strongly believe that NASBA should require all CE platforms to include publication dates or review dates for each course they offer. This simple addition would allow CPAs to make informed decisions about which courses to take, ensuring that we are accessing the most current and relevant content available.

Why This Matters

By not providing publication dates, CE platforms undermine the trust CPAs place in them. We rely on these courses to meet our professional requirements and to keep our knowledge up-to-date. Knowing the publication date is crucial to ensuring that the content we are learning is accurate and applicable to our current work environment.

A Call to Action for NASBA

I urge NASBA to implement strict guidelines requiring transparency about the publication dates of CE course content. This measure will enhance the integrity of CE platforms and ensure that CPAs continue to receive high-quality, relevant education.

Transparency in the publication dates of CE courses is a small change that can make a big difference in the quality of education for CPAs. Let's advocate for this necessary improvement to maintain the trust and integrity of our continuing education system.


CPE Reforms User

Great blog! This is something every CPA should be aware of. Let’s keep the conversation going and see if we can get some traction on this issue. Maybe even a social media campaign?

CPE Reforms User

It’s hard to trust the quality of a course when you have no idea how old the material is. I’m in full support of pushing for more transparency.

CPE Reforms User

This is such a necessary change. In our line of work, staying updated is crucial. I hope NASBA hears us and implements these guidelines soon. Let’s spread the word!

CPE Reforms User

I couldn’t agree more. It’s disappointing that platforms don’t already include this information. Do you think we should start a petition to get NASBA’s attention?

CPE Reforms User

Excellent point! I've wasted money on outdated courses before. Transparency about publication dates would definitely help us make better choices. How do we push NASBA to take action?

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