Sep 19, 2023

In recent years, these online seminars promise to deliver knowledge and insights to aspiring CPAs, EAs, accountants and seasoned professionals alike. However, as the marketing webinars continues to grow, questions arise about their effectiveness of quality continuing education.

One of the most pressing concerns is the lack of accreditation and oversight. Traditional CE programs adhere to rigorous standards and are subject to accreditation processes, ensuring the quality and reliability of the education provided. In contrast, webinars often operate in a regulatory gray area, leaving participants in doubt about the credibility of the information presented.

In light of these concerns, it is imperative to question why NASBA, the authoritative body responsible for ensuring the quality of accounting education, has not taken a more assertive stance on regulating or providing guidelines for marketing webinars in the realm of CE.

NASBA's should impose regulation regarding the content and quality of webinars produced by numerous CE Sponsors.

It is our belief that NASBA must rise to the occasion and take decisive action. We advocate for the implementation of strict reforms and regulations specifically addressing marketing webinars used for CPA CE. These reforms should prioritize quality control mechanisms, accreditation, and oversight to ensure that professionals can trust the information and knowledge they gain through webinars.

In conclusion, the future of CPA CE should strike a balance between accessibility and quality, and NASBA's proactive measures are crucial in achieving this equilibrium, ultimately producing highly competent and ethically sound professionals.


CPE Reforms User

Quality should never be compromised. Implementing regulations and ensuring rigorous standards in online webinars is very necessary.

CPE Reforms User

The rise of online seminars has brought convenience but at the cost of credibility.

CPE Reforms User

Absolutely, It's high time NASBA step up for quality informative webinar content and I fully support the call for strict reforms in regulating marketing webinars for continuing education.

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